Online Local Anaesthesia Course


This Update on Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry is aimed at Dental Therapists and Dental Hygienists, who would like to refresh their knowledge and skills. All local anaesthetic agents, equipment, and techniques are covered. We will also look at medical histories, drug interactions, toxic doses and problems such as failure to achieve good analgesia.

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Course Outcomes

The course will meet GDC enhanced learning outcomes A,B,D.’
3 hours verifiable ECPD available! For course delegates undertaking this e- course there will be the opportunity to attend the ‘hands-on’ segment of my full day LA course at a discounted rate once Covid-19 restrictions allow

Aims and Objectives

  • Update knowledge of local anaesthesia, in order to make informed choices for best practice
  • Look at Medical Histories/ Medications, and Drug interactions
  • Discover how to manage anxious and phobic patients when delivering local anaesthesia
  • Discuss needle phobia, the mechanisms that cause it and techniques for its management
  • Look at the reasons why local anaesthesia might fail
  • Tips for delivering painless injections

Once you’ve ordered

Once you have booked and paid, you will receive a password which allows you to access the course material! This will be found in your confirmation email along with the link to where to access the course. There are six parts to the course – each in bite sized 30 minute sessions! Part seven is your free downloadable course PDF complete with questions and course evaluation to enable to to receive 3 hours verifiable ECPD!
As you click on each slide you will hear my voice commentary .

This course is designed so that you can go through at your own pace!