Other Policies

Equality & Diversity Policy

1.1 ChristineMacleavyCoaching is committed to ensuring that:

Course delegates /learners are treated fairly in an environment which is free from any form of discrimination.

The protected characteristics as outlined by the Equality Act 2010 are:

gender reassignment;
marriage and civil partnership;
pregnancy and maternity;
race (includes colour, nationality and ethnic origins);
religion and or belief;
sexual orientation;

1.2 Course delegates/learners will be treated fairly in an environment which is free from any form of discrimination with regard to: caring responsibilities, part-time employment, membership or non-membership of a professional association. All course learners/delegates must however, be registered with the GDC or undertaking GDC adaptation period in order to undertake CPD activity.

1.3 ChristineMacleavyCoaching works towards providing training that meets the requirements of learners as well as the requirements of the GDC eCPD guidelines, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

1.4 The Equality and Diversity policy provides a clear framework for translating policy into action. It outlines the responsibilities of trainers who may be potentially involved in delivering courses on behalf of ChristineMacleavyCoaching. All trainers must be strongly committed to the full and active implementation of this policy.

1.5 ChristineMacleavyCoaching will not tolerate processes, attitudes and behaviour that amounts to direct discrimination, associative discrimination, discrimination by perception, indirect discrimination including harassment (harassment by a third party), victimisation and bullying through prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and stereotyping.

1.6 ChristineMacleavyCoaching recognises the importance of monitoring, reviewing and reporting on its equality and diversity policy and practice and to measure progress in meeting the policy statement.

Appeals and Complaints Procedure

If any learner or course delegate has any grievance about any aspect of  a course organised by ChristineMacleavyCoaching, please discuss informally with the course tutor. It is anticipated that most concerns will be resolved at this stage.

If you feel that the matter has not been dealt with through informal discussion please put your grievance in writing (email is fine) to Christine Macleavy who will endeavour to reply in writing within 5 days

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction Christine will endeavour to meet with you in person to investigate, and make a judgement accordingly.

If the matter still cannot be resolved your next course of action is to take your complaint directly to the GDC

Education Governance Policy

Core governance values of ChristineMacleavyCoaching :
• Honesty
• Selflessness
• Integrity
• Objectivity
• Accountability
• Openness
• Leadership
(based on the Seven Nolan Principles on Public Life which provide a suitable  ethical framework)

The following expectations of good governance, illustrate the values and beliefs of ChristineMacleavyCoaching.

• Putting the leaner first
• Promote high expectations of learners
• Listening to learners
• Promoting inspirational training, learning and assessment
• Strive to ensure exceptional teaching, and training by evaluating and monitoring delegate feedback
• Creating a safe, environment for learners to develop, this includes providing suitable clinical environments for hands on courses, that adhere to Health and Safety, and Cross Infection legislation
• Demonstrating adherence to GDC requirements for eCPD and learning outcomes
• Ensuring achievement of equality of opportunity and diversity for learners
• Quality assurance must be adhered to in order to ensure all courses are updated and information present in current best practice, and take into account feedback from previous courses